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Our Parts are all hand tested by our expert techs and mechanics.  We make sure your part is what you wanted and in operating condition before it is shipped to you.  Take a second to explore our inventory  


NYC Scooter Parts was derived out of necessity.  In 2009 I purchased 2 Chinese scooters. I had so much trouble finding any kind of tech support, literature, or diagrams. I ordered parts from part retailers and found that to be unsuccessful. When the parts arrived, they didn't work and these were supposed to be brand new right out of the box!


 I got to thinking there has to be something better out there. When I couldn't find it, I decided - thats me - I'm ging to be the someone, something better out there. I am going to offer parts with reliablity you can count on, that work correctly and function the way you expect them to. I started hand testing parts and providing superior customer service to my clients. This way I could ensure that their parts would work and that they had a reliable contact and source for help with their questions.


Needless to say - NYC Scooter Parts was born. Even though we are based in NYC, we ship anywhere, just ask us.


We can also be found on several reputable scooter boards for information, advice, trouble shooting and parts reliablity services. Some of these include:


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